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Can you hold a yard sale/garage sale on the property ?  YES, you can!

Please notify management in advance of your planned sale, and follow these instructions: 


-Sale not to begin before 7am , and must be cleaned up by 5 pm.  Sale cannot be held more than two consecutive days in a row.


- Yard sales must be held in the middle stalls of our entry driveway, anywhere between stalls #394-418. 


-Please make sure that your signs are not placed blocking the sidewalk, the street or our driveway, nor on any landscaping.  Do not place the signs in the grass strip between the sidewalk and S. Kihei Rd – that’s county property.


-You are responsible for the parking of people shopping at your sale – please make sure they park in stalls and do not block the driveway.


- You are responsible for all clean up after the sale.  Please check asphalt & landscaping beds for any trash or debris that may be left behind, & dispose of it properly.


-Please do not dispose of large items/ unsold items in the dumpster.  Haul, donate, or schedule a pickup of items from your unit by a local charity instead of filling our dumpsters with these overflow items.


-You are responsible for any damages resulting from your sale, or guests of your sale.


See the office for a printed sheet of tips for a successful sale!

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