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Recycling Information


Below is a quick reference list of what you can and cannot recycle in our recycle bins here on property.  You can also download this information HERE.  You can also pick up a recycle guide at the office for additional recyclable items that, while not recyclable at Kihei Shores, can be recycled elsewhere on island.


Glass Recycling

Do Recycle - Jars and bottles of all sizes, rinse clean of all food material, do not remove labels

Don’t Recycle-  Plates, glasses, light bulbs, window glass, or dirty / un-rinsed bottles or jars with food debris


Paper Recycling

Do Recycle- White, colored and newspaper, magazines, brown paper bags, blue prints, copy paper


Don’t Recycle - Books, shredded paper, wet paper, wrapping paper


Plastic Recycling

Do recycle -  Plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic fruit trays, clean plastic film

Don’t Recycle - Any container with food in it, lawn furniture or toys, boogie boards, snorkel equipment, Styrofoam

Cardboard Recycling

Do Recycle -  All corrugated cardboard (two ply with wavy line between), cereal boxes without plastic insert

Don’t Recycle - Waxed cardboard, any cardboard with oil or food material (Pizza Boxes), Styrofoam or other packing material

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