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Pool and Spa

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Located at the back of the property by the office, our Pool & Spa are available for Kihei Shores residents and their guests.  Please demonstrate courtesy to others using the pool, and those whose condos are nearby, by following the House Rules for Pool & Spa use.  For a printable copy of Pool Rules click here.

Pool & Spa are open from 10 am - 10 pm daily. 


  • Persons using pool and spa do so at their own risk.  NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY.

  • Shower before entering the pool or spa.

  • Children & Non-swimmers:

          - Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult when using            the pool.

          - Children 12 + who are competent swimmers may swim without being                      accompanied by an adult.

          - A child’s parent /guardian is responsible for determining if the child is a                  competent swimmer.

  • Infants or incontinent persons must wear swim diapers when using the pool or spa.

  • No toys, balls, boogie boards, or flotation devices permitted in the pool area.  Only water wings, goggles or mask (no snorkel or flippers) are permitted.

  • No glass, food, nor alcoholic beverages in the pool area.

  • No smoking in the pool area.  Must be at least 20’ from pool area, mail area & buildings.

  • Do not disturb others: No yelling, splashing, running, bombing, horseplay, or diving.

  • Guests must be accompanied by resident – limit 4 guests per household.

  • Only sound-producing devices used with earphones are allowed in the pool area.

  • Bathing suits must be worn in the pool and spa – no street clothes, t-shirts, cutoffs, etc.

  • Use pool furnishings as they were intended to be used.  Do not stand on, throw into pool or spa, vandalize, or remove the furnishings from the pool area.  Please do not touch the landscaping plants.

  • No person with skin disease or open sores.

  • Pool gate must be closed and latched at all times.


Failure to follow the rules may result in House Rule Violation notices, fines and/or loss of pool & spa use for all members of the household & their guests.

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