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January 16, 2020 - Letter to owners requesting proof of insurance.

The AOAO carries insurance to protect the property, AOAO, BOD, & Employees through John H. Connors Insurance, working with our agent Carol A. Daubert, CISR, Account Executive.  While our comprehensive policy covers many aspects of our operations, it will not cover damages to condo interiors beyond original construction elements.  As of January 2013 all Owners are required to carry their own home owner's policy in addition to the AOAO Insurance , referred to as an HO6 policy, to cover your investment. 


Policies are relatively inexpensive and can protect your investment and your wallet against unforeseen damages.  


You can view a copy of the Association's current Insurance here:  Kihei Shores 2023-2024 Insurance Summary


Providing Proof of Home Owner Insurance

Effective January 1, 2013 all owners are required to provide proof of home owner insurance covering their condo(s) at Kihei Shores.  In November 2012 Kihei Shores owners voted in favor of requiring home owners to carry their own, additional Home Owner insurance.  Most owners felt that the benefits far outweigh the minimal cost of such a policy, and the protection it provides to all of our owners is well worth it. Please feel free to contact Kihei Shores Management if you have any questions or need further information on this important topic.


Resolution Requiring Home Owner Insurance


Ballots were sent out to all of our owners in May 2012, to vote on whether or not the AOAO should require owners to carry Home Owner Insurance Policies (HO6) on the condo(s) they own at Kihei Shores.  This vote passed in November 2012.  With our current Insurance Policy for the AOAO coverage, the water deductible is $20,000.  That means that the cost of any water damage to your unit would not be covered by the AOAO policy until it exceeded $20,000.  All costs up to that amount would fall to you, the Owner, to cover.  This decrease in deductible amount was due in part to a decrease in the number of claims for water damage that happened at the property over the past few years, thanks to preventative maintenance and increased awareness of potential leaks and water losses. 

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