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Car Wash

Washing the Car

Kihei Shores has a Car Wash area available for resident use, located next to G bldg. (see map below).  Hose, sprayer nozzle, and key for faucet are available at the Kihei Shores office during office hours.  A signed Car Wash Agreement must be on file at the office in order to use the Car Wash.  You can print a copy of the agreement shown below to bring with you to the office by clicking here, or request to sign one the first time you check out the equiptment.  Please review the Car Wash Agreement below for more information.



Car Wash Agreement

The following agreement is to enable Kihei Shores to provide our residents with a Car Wash area, while making a conscious effort to conserve water and not contaminate our environment.   Thank you for your cooperation in following this agreement when using our Car Wash area.


1 – Car Wash area is available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.   (not including holidays).  Daylight evening or weekend times may be arranged in advance with management, at management’s discretion. 


2 - Key for faucet padlock will only be checked out to current Kihei Shores residents.  Upon completion of washing your vehicle, please re-lock faucet & return key to Kihei Shores office.  Failure to do so will result in a fine.  (see fine schedule on reverse). 


3 – Reverse park into Car Wash area so you have better visibility when leaving.


4 – Only biodegradable soap may be used.  Provide proof of proper soap when picking up key.   Using non-biodegradable soap will result in a fine.  (see fine schedule on reverse). 


5 – Only one vehicle washed at a time.  If you have more than one vehicle to wash, please arrange with management prior to washing, as other residents may be waiting to use the car wash area.


6 – Clean up of Car Wash area is responsibility of resident prior to returning key.  Any trash, debris, etc. from your vehicle left behind will result in clean up fees being assessed to you.  (this is especially important for vehicles that might have construction debris, nails, screws, etc.)


7 – Car Wash area is only for use by Kihei Shores residents, for Kihei Shores resident vehicles. 


Failure to follow the Car Wash Agreement may result in fines &/or restriction of use of Car Wash Area. 

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