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Owner:   Cathy Fitzpatrick
Owner:   Robert Melody

Director: Open

You have the option of printing and completing the violation appeal form from the following download link, or filling out the online form below.


To download the VIOLATION APPEAL FORM: click here


If you would like to learn more about the Appeals Committee or to join, please contact us at



Violation Appeal Form

If you feel you were issued an invalid violation notice of the Kihei Shores AOAO’s House Rules, you can appeal the notice and any accompanying fine by submitting this form along with a copy of the violation letter/form you received within 10 calendar days of the date on the violation notice.

These situations are not considered to be valid reasons for appealing a violation notice and will not be reviewed:

  • The issue was corrected after the violation was recorded but before you received the notice.

  • The mail was not opened, discarded, or misplaced, or the mail is not being sent to the correct address.

  • The homeowner was not aware of the AOAO, its House Rules, or its authority to enforce the House Rules & Regulations.

A copy of the violation notice being appealed, including any pictures or additional inserts that accompanied the notice must be submitted with the completed Appeal Form.

Upload File

The Kihei Shores AOAO Board of Directors will review your Violation Appeal Form within 30 days of submission and will issue a written response once a decision has been made. The form must be completed in its entirely to be accepted.

Thank you for filling out the Violation Appeal Form

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