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Renovation and Construction

Building Plans

Many Owners at Kihei Shores have gone to great lengths to add improvements and upgrades to their condo, creating a unique, luxurious space in their Maui home.  Whether planing routine maintenance or a major overhaul, please take a moment to review the House Rules on construction with your contractor, vendors, and anyone else involved in your maintenance / upgrade project.  Don't forget to have workers stop by the office to pick visitor parking passes and sign copies of the Construction Agreement PRIOR to beginning work in your unit.


Before beginning any project big or small, here are some tips to consider:


  • When hiring an outside contractor or vendor, ask for references.  Check to see if their license(s) & insurance coverage are current.  Check their standings with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.  There are links to both sites on our Links page.

  • For large projects, ask contractors and vendors to name you and/or Kihei Shores as additional insured.  Should something happen that causes damage affecting other units or the common area, their coverage might be able to apply, saving you money & liability.

  • When installing tile, laminate, or other hard surface flooring use appropriate sound proofing material.  Better to spend a little more to do it right the first time than have to pull up flooring and redo it right the second time.  Soundproofing material must meet a minimum of IIC of 60 per ASTM E2179.  Soundproofing installation needs to be verified by management prior to installation of hard surfaced flooring.

  • Turn off water at the valve, and flip breakers to OFF if you are away from your condo for an extended period of time.

  • When replacing door locks or installing locking security doors, remember to leave a copy of the new key at the Kihei Shores office so that we can access for quarterly pest control, or in emergencies.




Don't forget routine preventative maintenance in your condo that could save money down the line:

  • Check water lines from valves to appliances, sinks at toilets & replace as needed. 

  • Clear dryer vents lines between dryer and wall. 

  • Replace aging hot water heaters before they give out and cause water damage.

  • Ice maker lines are a regular cause of water intrusions, minor and major, between units - usually due to the plastic tubing wearing out or becoming punctured.

  • Clean dust and build up from smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.  Replace batteries as needed.

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