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Short Term Rentals at Kihei Shores

Transient Vacation Rentals

            As you may recall, in October 2018, our association attorney sent a letter to the Director of the Department of Planning for the County of Maui requesting a response as to whether Kihei Shores owners are permitted to engage in any rentals less than 180 days (transient vacation rentals) because of Kihei Shores Declaration amendment that expressly permits transient vacation rentals.
After several months, the County finally scheduled a meeting with our association attorney on May 23, 2019. At that meeting, the County informed our counsel that the County will not recognize the Association’s Declaration amendment as an exception to the County zoning requirements restricting transient vacation rentals. In other words, the County has indicated it will issue notices of violation to owners that are transient vacation renting their units because it is the County’s position that owners in Kihei Shores are not entitled to engage in transient vacation rentals.
            In addition, the Director indicated that condominium owners are not eligible for bed & breakfast permits or short-term rental permits, but could be eligible for a conditional use permit. 
            The Association and its Board are not taking any position as to the legality of the transient vacation rentals in Kihei Shores.
            While Kihei Shores will not be policing the practice of short term rentals, it would be prudent to know that neighbors could report rental activity to the County at any time. In addition, the County has indicated that it will continue to issue violation notices to owners who are engaged in transient vacation rentals.
            All owners, residents, renters and guests should be given the House Rules, read them, and abide by them for privacy, mutual respect, and peaceful living at Kihei Shores.
Rich Perozich, President
Kihei Shores Board of Directors 2019-2020
A-201 214-5564


Fellow owners, we are ultimately responsible for respectful condo living. 

Please read the House Rules

Please give a copy of the House Rules to residents, renters, and guests for their knowledge and for them to follow the house rules while they are here.

Management can handle the most common issues during the day, 808-875-0077 for parking passes, reserved parking violations, issues with the pool, property, noise, and non life threatening emergencies.

Security patrols from 5 pm to 12 am on foot and in the carts, and can handle these and other issues.  808 269-6188   Roving car patrols monitor from 12 am to 5 am through Maui Executive Protection and Security Services (MEPSS)   808- 870-6859.  Maui Police non emergency can be reached at 808 244-6400.

Please call 911 at any time for life threatening issues of health, fire, violence, or suspected criminal activity.

Photos, time, dates of violations will help management monitor activity and deal with violators through us owners of the properties who are responsible for our residents, visitors, guests, and renters.


Thank you


Rich Perozich

Kihei Shores President 2018-2019


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