Months ago JS Management sent out a letter to all owners to vote on two issues that require a 50.1% of owner approval. The 1st and main proposal is rent intercept. Put simply, if an owner has a tenant in their unit, is collecting rent, but not paying their CAM fees, we can step in and intercept the rent, take our share, and give the owner the rest. The 2nd has to do with denying use of common facilities to owners who aren’t paying their CAM fees. It saddens me to say that barely half the owners even replied, let alone voted in favor. If JS sends out something in the mail, we all pay for that postage. If people don’t reply, they do a second mailing, we all pay again, and so on. Get my drift? Most importantly, the only people voting against these two proposals should be the people that are not paying thereby cheating all the people that do pay. Our budget assumes that 100% of owners pay. When people don’t, the rest of the owners will make up the difference in the future. Please talk to other owners and get those proposal ballots sent in. Take a picture and email it, there is no excuse not to. - David Slackman, KS AOAO President


Please vote on the amended bylaws for timely dues collection!



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